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  • Elmer Lilly

    Dr. Larson, actually has a sense of humor unlike other docs. He is always so personable and friendly; not all business-like, like others. I love that in a physician. He did a great job on my ankle.
  • Bud Hillman

    I have had two surgeries with Doc Lee in the past few years. First was carpal tunnel surgery (both hands same time) wouldn’t recommend it if you have the recovery time to do them individually. My hands were so bad at night they felt like they were on fire. If you know what I’m talking about don...
  • Margaret S

    Doctor T is my go to for an orthopedic doctor he is the best doctor I've met he listens to the patient and cares
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  • Megan G

    I had a problem and they reached out and helped me, I really appreciated that! Thank you!
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